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William Semken celebrates 50th Anniversary

On the 8th September 2016 William Semken celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary in the presence of the Supreme Magus, My.Fra. John Paternoster and the Chief Adept, R.Wy.Fra. Dr Donald Woodgate as well as many visitors from all over the Province.  For the Aspirant Fra Andrew Gentle, it was also an evening to remember, especially as the SM took him round to the 4 Ancients and explained the relevance of the 4 Elements which they represented; a rare honour indeed.

After a number of grade certificates were presented to fratres by the CA, the C presented a collarette to the Director of Studies, Fra Andrew Marchington. The latter then presented a short paper on the 60’s entitled ‘Turn on, Tune in’. This was followed by ‘The Founding of the College’ given by RW Fra Nigel Oldacre and included reference to the origins of the College furniture and also the driving forces behind the birth of the College by RW Fratres Doug Banbury and Fred Bonner. The obligatory photoshoot of all the fratres present was then duly taken. The menu for the festive board emulated that of the Consecration dinner 50 years before. All in all it was a joyous and memorable occasion.