Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

Province of Eastern Counties

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Officers of The Province  2017- 2018

Chief Adept                                       R.W. Fra. Jeffrey Conway 9°

Suffragan                                          R.W. Fra. Larry Bensusan VIII°

Chaplain                                           V.W.Fra. Brian Hithersay, VII°

Secretary                                          V.W.Fra. Mal Williams, VII°

Treasurer                                          R.W.Fra. David R. Embling, VIII°

Director of Ceremonies                       R.W.Fra. Robin Fagence 9°

Director of Studies                             V.W.Fra. Gordon MacLean V°

Deputy Dir. of Ceremonies                  R.W.Fra. Peter T. Coles, 9°

Organist                                           V.W.Fra. Peter Worby, VII°

Assistant Secretary                            V.W.Fra. Brian Hithersay, VII°

Director of Communications                 R.W.Fra. Robin Fagence 9°

Acolyte                                             R.W.Fra. Stanley Smith, VIII °